Wealth Management

  • External Asset Management

    • Partnering with reputable private banks as custodians for client assets, we provide need-based wealth advisory to high net worth clients through our Client Advisors.

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management

    • Defining a clear investment mandate based on client needs, we independently assist client with the execution of day-to-day investment decisions more effectively.

    • In 2019, our DPM Fixed Income Investment Strategy outperformed many benchmarks and yielded an annualized return of 29.1%.
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Fund Management

  • Fund Portfolio

    • Prime Asia currently manages more than US$400 million of funds in various structures, including Singapore-domiciled and offshore SPVs and unit trusts. We are currently in the process of setting up a VCC fund. 

  • Some of our funds:

    • PAAM Real Estate Investment I Fund (US$51 million) – Fully subscribed

    • PAAM Real Estate Investment II Fund (US$50 million) – Fully subscribed

    • Artengo Diversified Strategies Fund (US$96 million) – Private fund

    • Emerging Markets Strategies Fund (US$28 million) – Mutual fund

    • Dynamic Miles Fund (US$120 million) – Mutual fund

    • PAAM Finamatrix A.I. Fund

    • PAAM IOX Fund – Coming soon

  • Platform Services

    • We offer a one-stop platform for fund establishment and ongoing fund operations.

    • We act as the central coordinator for the complete list of service providers such as financial institutions, legal counsels, tax advisors, fund administrators, trustees, auditors and corporate secretaries.
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Financial Planning & Advisory

  • Partnering international Insurers and Trust companies, we map out long term asset planning for high net worth clients, their families and their businesses.
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Other Services

  • Working with our partners, we provide a comprehensive one-stop service to our clients.

  • Some of these services include:

    • Immigration

    • Education

    • Tax advisory

    • Property Investment

We work closely with our clients to customise investment strategies according to their needs and are fully committed to achieving their investment goals. The client relationship and level of engagement can either be on an Advisory or Discretionary basis.


Our Products & Services include: